Who are we?

Outlook Energy is an independently owned short-term energy trading company based in the heart of Bristol. Established in 2015, we help to balance a range of European electricity markets 365 days a year. And with the addition of our Australia office, we now provide seamless 24/7 coverage of these energy markets.

From humble beginnings we now trade around double Bristol’s annual electricity consumption – sometimes trading capacities in excess of two million UK households. We will continue to grow and provide great career opportunities for people in Bristol and Melbourne.

Our people

We work in a competitive sector that requires a good mix of creativity and focus to succeed. Our constantly-growing team of highly-skilled employees are well equipped to deal with these demands and to thrive in their respective fields. Employees are allowed to flourish, and complementary skill-sets facilitate the fresh perspective needed for trading energy in today’s markets.

We are currently a team of nearly 30 but are always looking for talented individuals to join our team – if you think a career in a fast-paced and cutting edge company could be for you then please check for available positions listed on the careers page.

Below is a brief summary of each of our leadership team.

Ben Spencer



Role: Director

Key Skills: Trading

Background: Like David, I studied biology at the University of Bath. It was here I got an interest for the energy industry in general which led me to taking a Masters in Energy Engineering at the University of Aalborg, Denmark. I subsequently worked for 2 years in Danske Commodities’ intraday trading team before starting up Outlook Energy. Having acted as a full time trader in our early days, my main role now is in keeping up with regulation changes and helping ensure we maintain our trading edge in the markets in which we operate.

Johan Askehave



Role: Director

Key Skills: Finance, Risk and Business Development

Background: I studied Sustainable Energy Planning at the University of Aalborg, Denmark and followed this up with 2 years as an originator at Danske Commodities before founding Outlook Energy with Dave and Ben. My primary roles involve the execution of new business cases and keeping on top of Outlook’s finances.

David Mlynski



Role: Director

Key Skills: Data Science and Trading

Background: Having completed my BSc in biology, I took a PhD in the University of Bath’s physics department focusing on network modelling. Having decided in 2015 that academia wouldn’t really be for me I realised that my modelling skills would be well suited to power market trading. It was here that I became a founding member of Outlook Energy where I lead our ever expanding data science team.

Jack Barclay

Born: 1988

Role: Technical Lead

Key Skills: Computer Science and Coding

Background: Like David and Ben, I studied at the University of Bath where I completed an MEng in mechanical engineering. It was during this course that I got a passion for coding and computer science. Day-to-day, I am in charge of Outlook’s development team and help to ensure that all of our systems and software tools are operating smoothly and efficiently.

Work life balance

We believe that it is critical to have a healthy balance between work and leisure – therefore, we encourage everyone to make the most of what Bristol and Melbourne have to offer by organising regular events for the team. These vary from axe-throwing to LAN parties and team trips.


Bristol, UK

Located right in the heart of Bristol means we have everything on our doorstep. Bars, food markets, festivals, and outdoor activities such as surfing, climbing and cycling are all a stone’s throw away.

Melbourne, Australia

Based in the centre of Melbourne, the Australian office helps provide full coverage of the energy markets. Since opening in January of 2020 the team have been working closely with the Bristol office and the management team especially, to create a seamless network of traders covering the globe both night and day.